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Church Partners

When we partner with churches and faith based organizations we have a set of values we encourage for the mutual benefit of both organizations.


These include:

  • We believe in Authentic Relationships – We are safe and honestly transparent

  • We work with lost 11-19 year olds – Kids who are not following Jesus

  • We are a Christ-sharing mission – We expect open conversations about Jesus

  • We value deep partnership – We look for the greatest mission overlap

  • We value mutual benefit – For the organizations and the kids we serve

  • We agree to basic Christian values – Our statement of faith guides partnerships

How Our Partners Help Us

How We Help Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is YFC just another youth group?


YFC doesn’t engage in things most youth groups do such as worship, prayer or preaching. However, we do provide Bible studies on occasion.

2. Does YFC steal kids from local youth groups?

YFC celebrates when young people become involved in a church and exit YFC programing. Church kids who want to participate in YFC programming are encouraged and challenged to invite their non-Christian friends to participate with them. This is in addition to being involved in their own church.

3. Why do we need to partner if our church is already doing local evangelism?

Many times YFC has access to students unreachable by most churches. While many churches are doing tremendous work to reach our community, YFC is uniquely placed to partner with you to reach lost kids in tough places. 



We are always on the lookout for great church partners. I'm here to serve you. Let me know what questions I can answer.

Phil Daubenspeck

Executive Director

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