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Community Support Team

We have people in every community who love the mission of YFC, want to see it advance in their community, but DO NOT feel called to serve directly with youth. Instead, they join us on our Community Support Team and work behind the scenes to help make a difference in the lives of local youth.




This team is crucial to the fruitfulness and longevity of the ministry because they own the ministry at a level designed to outlive any one individual site director.


Fundraising Support

This team is the manpower behind the process of funding the ministry. They discuss the current budget situation, discuss future community support, participate in fundraising events, facilitate fundraising appointments, and create community awareness.



Prayer & Advice

These people support the work of YFC in the community through prayer, advice, and encouragement. They are our greatest allies and advocates in the community.



If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, we would love to have you. We meet once a month. Contact me for more information.

Adam Smith

Development Director

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