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Virtual Tour

What does YFC do?

That's the question that led us to creating this Virtual Tour. We wanted to provide our friends and neighbors with more information about Who we are, What we do, and How we do it. Whether you use this information to inspire you in your own community, or it encourages you to get involved with us, our main hope is that it results in helping more young people meet Jesus.


We have grouped these videos together by topic in order to give you a well-rounded tour of our ministry. You can watch as many of them as you want and in any order. We feel this curated selection of content will be the most useful to you at the moment.


In addition to these videos, there are over 800 more on our national Vimeo site.

We have included a link at the bottom.


The first video you should watch provides an overview of what we're doing locally.

Ministry Models

Campus Life

Parent Life

Juvenile Justice Ministry

YFC Camps

Kid Stories

Jose's Story

Alexus' Story

Evan's Story

Give Life To Your Story

How We Do It

Relational Evangelism

The Heart of 3Story

Living Out 3Story

3Story Teams

Mentoring Young People

The Impact

About YFC

YFC Culture

Our History

Billy Graham Tribute

New York City


Kansas City

Be The Story

Our Next President

More Info

Want to learn even more about YFC? Please visit our National YFC Vimeo site with over 800 videos!

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